Saturday, December 3, 2011

Divine Appointments and Tapestry Threads

Does it ever seem that at certain seasons of your life God seems to put someone in your life that you need "just at the right moment"? 
I tend to think of my life as a beautiful tapestry, hanging on a wall.  I am able to look at it and see each life that has impacted me as its own unique thread, tightly woven in, to make my life what it otherwise would not have been without them in it. Anne of Green Gables calls them "Kindred Spirits", the kind of people who become instant friends, and you feel as though you've known them your whole life as soon as you meet them. As you look back at your own tapestry, you can see those people, standing out in exuberant color, always making you smile and think fondly of that time in your life, and making you ache every time you have to leave them...God has divinely purposed these relationships in my life during so many seasons: College, ministries in various churches in Oklahoma, Texas, New York, Georgia, and recently back in Oklahoma again. I feel like I have golden heartstrings attached like telephone wires from here in Oklahoma, all the way to the East Coast. 
But recently I feel like one of those strings stretches to the West. I have asked God so many times to help me in my battle with weight loss...I believe He is answering me and is starting to weave those threads again for me with a couple from, of all places, Idaho. 
I have never met these people, except through technology, but I feel, again, that instant connection and kinship that is very rare and I know it is going to be a special relationship. I don't know what it holds in store, but I know it means something more than weight loss.
All I did was fill a form out online for some information, and God did His thing. He has placed these marvelous people in my life. Only He knows the plan, but I feel such blessing, and hope, and an excitement to get to know these new friends better. They are already an inspiration and instant mentors to me in this journey, something I've needed for a long time, and I feel are an answer to prayer. It is a blessing to get to see God doing something that just blows you away, and I am truly thankful to get to see it again. 
You never know when God has a Divine Appointment in store for you. You are never too old for it...Anticipate it... When it happens, it is a treasure....made of golden thread.
To be continued.....