Friday, January 27, 2012

The last 10 weeks....

I wanted to share a little bit about what has been going on the past couple of months...

Whether you are new to this blog or have read it before, you can most likely deduce by the title that I have lived with a frustrating struggle with weight. I have lived in a life-long hampster wheel of "eat, feel guilty, eat, feel better, feel guilty, eat...gain, lose, gain, lose, eat....You get the picture. 

About 10 weeks ago I reached a tipping I had just reached a point of either getting this part of my life under control, or I was just going to be stuck in this cycle forever of going through life having not really been able to LIVE it.  I am, after all, "over 30"...Ok, "over 40"...and it just seemed like a "now or never" moment for me. It was also a true "God moment" for me. 

My husband and I were on our way back from our usual Thursday grocery shopping excursion and were listening to the radio. Glenn Beck, again, as usual. There was a commercial on for  I had heard the commercial probably 20 times, but that day I listened to every word and wrote down the website address. As soon as groceries were unloaded and put away, I was on the computer investigating. 
If you read my last entry in December, you read about a "divine appointment" in my life. Well, it just so happens that when I was checking out the simple2lose website, ( I had my husband Jeff fill out the info and put in his phone number! Aren't I a chicken?? ) they assigned a man from Idaho to  call and talk to us about a program called "Take Shape for Life"...I knew the minute my husband told me about the phone conversation that it was no accident. I just felt RIGHT. God was in this with me. I may have been groping in the dark for anything to help me, but He gave me a hand to lead me out of a darkness I had been in for a long time, leaving me with little hope for change and not much chance of success. He brought Tony and Brenda into our lives, such an enthusiastic, Christian couple, who were excited about helping people like me. I signed up for Take Shape For Life and 10 weeks later I am down 40 pounds and 26 inches. I am so grateful that God has paired me with my TSFL health coaches. It is truly the easiest thing I have ever done and I am finally convinced that I can for once lose the weight and keep it off. I still have more to lose, but I have great momentum and motivation to finish this chapter in my life and start and new and exciting one.

I am an adventurous spirit by nature, and I have always wanted to do adventurous things, but my body has not been very able to follow suit...Well, that is finally changing and I can't wait to finally do the things that I have only dreamed of. ( NOT skydiving! ) I want to go on mission trips, and family camping and hiking trips. I want to ride every roller coaster at Six Flags and FIT comfortably in the seats! I want to go whitewater rafting. ( Jeff says I'm alone on that one! )

I am so inspired by what my coaches, Tony and Brenda have done for me, that I am hoping to pass on some of that inspiration by helping to do the same for someone else. I have titled my contact pages "Joy In Health". I have never thought of my life as one where those two words go together in the same sentence.Now I finally feel it AND believe it! 

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